The demand for hybrid energy solutions in the maritime industry is rapidly expanding. Sustainable shipping requirements are propelling our business toward new fields of technical development.

This page is designed to guide you extensively through the latest hybrid energy developments and the services Alewijnse can provide to meet your requirements in this market segment.

Hybrid Energy Solutions


Hybrid applications in the maritime industry cover a wide variety of disciplines. Dual fuel systems and battery storage for spinning reserve and peak shaving are becoming increasingly integral to the technical scope of modern fleets and are widely implemented in existing vessels. Solutions you can expect from Alewijnse in this respect include:

  • Modeling, supply, and integration of energy storage solutions
  • Modeling, supply, and integration of AC and DC grid electric propulsion drive solutions
  • Design of power conversion control and monitoring systems
  • Supply and integration of hybrid fuel power management systems

Power Quality Measurement & Analysis


In marine power plants power quality is essential. AC grid can be disrupted by harmonic distortion that needs to be measured, analysed and mitigated. EMC effects in DC grid can be much more severe than in AC grid power plants. Higher drive switching frequencies, combined with inadequate filtering and earthing measures, can result in poor fuel efficiency and reliability, increased generator maintenance, and excessive wear on connected semiconductors.

Alewijnse offers services to measure and analyze these effects in the time domain during the operation of existing vessels or during HAT and SAT of new builds. If required, we will provide an improvement plan as part of our recommendations to the customer.


Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed (HIL)


State-of-the-art hybrid grid solutions need to be verified, preferably before starting a detailed engineering cycle. To establish proof of concept, Alewijnse builds the proposed hardware configuration in a model. This is done on a real-time software-based platform that allows all studies and requirements of the design to be tested and verified in the time domain.

In addition to HIL functionality test runs and verification, our model can also derive short circuit currents and fuse selectivity tests. This process creates a safe and sound proposition for the client while shortening the lead time of our engineering phase.

HIL offers our clients solid, evidence-based engineering, assists in studies, and automates essential parts of our engineering disciplines. If your project requires HIL modeling, you can contact us for a consultancy-based proposal. Our consultancy fee is reimbursed when the project is granted, as it becomes part of the basic engineering.


Return of investment calculations


A hybrid solution is ineffective without a thoroughly charted power flow analysis. The operational profile with its specific requirements determines the optimal solution. Alewijnse uses mathematical calculation models to analyze big data and visualize selected power events, ensuring hybrid optimization in sizing and type.

Our maintenance component is included in our Pareto analysis to provide the best possible proposition to our customers. Our results include return on investment (ROI) prognoses, fuel savings, installed footprint, and maintenance effects, all clearly presented in our recommendations.

If your project requires ROI calculations, you can contact us for a consultancy-based proposal. Our consultancy fee is reimbursed if the project is granted, as it becomes part of the basic engineering.


Partnership with TU Delft


Since 2022, Alewijnse has provided and co-supervised two master's theses annually for the Faculty of Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (IEPG) at TU Delft. Collaborating with students in their graduation year, Alewijnse researches and develops mathematical calculation models, analysis modeling, and hardware-in-loop emulations. This partnership strengthens our engineering department, fostering peer-to-peer learning and the application of advanced tools.

Many graduates begin their professional careers at Alewijnse, leveraging their state-of-the-art knowledge to provide practical support to our engineers and customers.


Lightning protection solutions


One of the new trends in the yacht-building industry is the implementation of composite materials in vessel construction. This approach offers certain advantages that are not present when vessels are made solely of steel or steel hulls with aluminum superstructures. As a result, we can expect an increase in the production of composite or composite-steel vessels in the future.

However, the composite construction of these vessels is non-conductive. This means it cannot protect the people on board and essential electronic equipment from phenomena such as electromagnetic fields resulting from electrostatic discharges in the atmosphere. More information is available on the website and in the white paper concerning the Lightning Protection Solution.




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